200M Carbon Negative Real Estate Global Fund with the highest ecological standards on the planet

Reducing carbon emissions through climate change commercial real estate investment is back on the agenda.


As major asset owners, institutional investors have an important role to play in helping to reduce carbon emissions.


To meet the carbon reduction targets set by governments for 2050, emissions from existing buildings will need to be reduced by 80%. Realistically, this can only be achieved by retrofitting existing buildings and constructing new buildings with bio-based materials such as CLT, high passivhaus standards, 100% renewable energy and unprecedented efficiency.


As developers, we have the ability - and the responsibility - to help drive positive outcomes for society. We have one of the largest and most experienced real estate teams in the world and are pioneers in the zero-emissions industry.


230 billion new square meters are needed by 2060 worldwide and 5.7 billion by 2030 in Latin America alone.


In 2022, we are structuring the world's first carbon-negative investment fund by bringing together a team of industry leaders in real estate investment management, design, carbon engineering/renovation and carbon compliance. Together with our partners, we identify cities to build the greenest landmark buildings while generating returns for investors.


We work with large asset owners with management responsibilities where institutional investors are increasingly looking for a responsible and tangible aspect to their investments, whether social or environmental. This is increasingly reflected in the demands of the occupational market and we see sustainability and carbon neutral credentials high on tenants' agenda when considering stock selection.


The Carbon Negative Real Estate Fund concept is economically viable, socially responsible, repeatable, scalable and profitable. It is a great example of the private sector taking the initiative and developing new business models that unlock the value of carbon-neutral renovation.






11% Concrete

10% Steel

2% Aluminum

Annual Global CO2 Emissions

200M Carbon Negative Fund

Constructing the greenest buildings on the planet with the most ethical money




Our Target Cities


Cape Town

Tel Aviv




Punta del Este

Venice Beach








Santo Domingo


Rio de Janeiro

Buenos Aires


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