Juan Manuel Vázquez


Martin Jasper

Master Architect

Micheel Wassouf


Juan Manuel Vázquez Graduated as an Agronomist at the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Bs As. Since 2000, he has been working on the construction of homes with natural materials, first of all the raw earth and then specializing in Compressed Agricultural Fiber. Dedicated exclusively to construction with Biological materials of high energy efficiency.


Coordinator of the Construction area within the Faculty of Agronomy U.B.A Bioeconomy Program Advisor to the SDG Legislative Observatory of the Senate province of Bs As Passivhaus Consultant Course November 2017.


President of Ekosystem Consulting and Development Real Estate Projects of High Ecological Standards and Near Zero Energy Building. Certified Passivhaus Designer

Martin, born November 14, 1979 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, is a German-Ecuadorian architect, co-founder of Ekosystem, the world's first carbon-negative architecture firm based in Miami, and founder of Jasper Architects, which designed the UP! Berlin building.


He was a professor of Architectural Design at Zhengzhou University School of Architecture in Zhengzhou, China. He completed his academic training in fine arts and painting at the Brera Academy in Milan, Italy.


Martin Jasper was certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and has become a promoter and advisor to the DGNB worldwide.  The DGNB promotes economical and sustainable building construction.


In 2012, the Central Society of Architects of Argentina (SCA) awarded Jasper the First Prize for Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design for the project "Casa Eco Solar", a self-sufficient building constructed in San Salvador de Jujuy.

Micheel Wassouf is a pioneering architect, with more than 20 years of experience in the design of low consumption buildings. Founding partner of the official Spanish association Passivhaus, Vice President of the Latin American Institute Passivhaus, Director of the company Energiehaus Architects in Barcelona and Vice President of Ekosystem in Miami.


Since 2003 he has been developing high energy efficiency projects under the Passivhaus standard, both national and international, in all planning stages. Certified Passivhaus designer and first certifier in Spain of the Passivhaus Institut.


As a teacher, he collaborates and organizes courses all over the world. He actively participates in research projects and international conferences.

Juliya Sideroscaya

Director of Real Estate

Yuliya “Julie” Sidorevskaya arrived on the sandy shores of Miami Beach at the age of 9 when her family migrated from Belarus in 1992. They came directly to North Bay Village, the bayside city that would eventually become the hub for her real estate empire. Julie plunged headfirst into living the American dream, mastering English and Spanish as she embraced Miami’s ethnic diversity. To Julie and her family, America was the land of opportunity and she was going to make the most of it all. While just a young teenager, Julie hit the ground running by teaching her aunt, a real estate agent, the computer skills that were necessary to thrive in Miami’s booming house and condo markets. Throughout high school, Julie balanced her after-school activities as a varsity cheerleader and member of the badminton team, while continuing to help her aunt expand her business. It was during these formative years that Julie found a passion for real estate, a passion that would soon lead to the establishment of her now flourishing business. It was the quiet satisfaction of helping individuals and families find their dream homes that motivated Julie to earn her real estate license shortly after graduating high school in 2001. By 2004, Julie had gained the experience necessary to complete the demanding coursework to earn her broker’s license. Shortly thereafter, through sheer determination and hard work, Julie’s Realty opened its doors. It was from this humble start that Julie’s Realty has become a major player in the South Florida real estate scene. Julie’s attention to detail and her “hands-on” approach have brought her not only fortune and fame, but also a loyal following of clients from all over the world. Julie’s passion is reflected in her agents and staff, with the teamwork to always exceed the client ‘s individual expectations. The purpose of Julie’s Realty will forever remain the same – “To create lifelong relationships with all of our clients.”

Oliver Style


Co-founder of Progetic, energy consultant and certified Passivhaus designer. While he attended a master’s degree in architecture and renewable energy, he was inspired with the possibilities that offer passive houses, the bio-climatic design and bio-construction. Our homes are often spaces uncomfortable that consume a lot of power: my mission is to collaborate in the design and construction of houses ready for the 21st century, which consume very little energy in winter and keep cool and comfortable in summer.


ProGETIC is an engineering company specialized in the design and certification of passive houses and buildings with almost zero consumption. Our team includes a certified Passivhaus designer, a certified Passivhaus technique of execution, and a facilities engineer expert in renewable energy of high-efficiency systems. We work to find the solutions that best suit the needs and budget of our customers, contributing to the creation of comfortable and healthy buildings with minimum energy consumption.

Elizabeth Vergara


Elizabeth has been an architect and professor at the University of Buenos Aires for more than 15 years, which has allowed her to establish herself as a leader and team leader. She considers herself passionate about her profession, where she promotes the ideals of generating walkable, sustainable, resilient and low-carbon cities through innovative projects. Her postgraduate studies in management, planning and research gave her solid tools to achieve her goals while allowing her to get to know and work in different regions of her country and Latin American countries.


With a Master's degree in Metropolitan Environmental Management, Specialist in Project Research, with a Master's degree in City Management. Professor and researcher at FADU-UBA. She is part of the UBACyT research team led by Dr. in Sociology Elí Damián Setton: "Religion, imagined nation and territorialization in the city of Buenos Aires today: Towards an intercultural city?

Alternate Member of the body of Jurors of Competitions of the CAPBA IV -2019-2022. Winner of different national and provincial competitions of architecture and urbanism: obtaining 1st., 2nd. prizes and mentions.


Her works have been published in different magazines, newspapers and digital platforms. In 2021 she was recognized by the magazine Summa+187 Arquitectas special edition.


Director of the Bosques Asociados Buenos Aires Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program FADU-UBA. Working with Elizabeth Vergara, Cities4Forests has co-created a program that presents Partner Forests as a central urban design strategy. The Cities4Forests COP26 program shows world and city leaders the possibilities of building a new era.

Cooperation without borders

Ekosystem means "A biological system constituted by a community, united by its common values, with the belief that individual ideas are improved collectively creating a continuous cycle of innovation and guaranteeing survival".



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